GBS faculty claims victory against GBN

(Glenview Lantern)  Sure, the annual faculty game between Glenbrook South and Glenbrook North Tuesday night went for a good cause.

All tickets sales from the game was split and donated toward both schools’ canned food drives. But while the Glenbrook South faculty kept that in mind, it didn’t hurt to beat Glenbrook North 63-43.

Especially since the Spartans got the best of the Titans the past couple of years.

“It’s fun,” said Ben Widner, social studies teacher and game participant. “I guess the last few years North has beaten us and we came out wanting to energize our crowd a little bit and show them a good time. Obviously, it doesn’t hurt that it’s for a good cause.”

Glenbrook South has a canned food drive every year. This year the school’s efforts benefit the Northfield Food Pantry.

The students’ goal is to raise 107,000 cans. While they do bring cans to donate, raising money is also an integral part of their charitable efforts.

Events like the faculty Basketball game go on throughout the two weeks of the Canned Food Drive. There is also an auction. Each dollar raise equals four cans.

“It’s [Canned Food Drive] very popular in the school,” drivers education, physical education and sophomore basketball coach, Mike Vodicka said. “I think the administration, the student activities, do a great job of raising a lot of money for the homeless and the needy. This is something we’ve done ever since I’ve been a teacher here and a student.”

The theme for this year’s drive is “Happy Canniversary” which also commemorates Glenbrook South’s 50th year of existence.

There were other events amidst the basketball game between the two schools. Between the first and second quarters, members of the cheering crowds were selected to run a mini bike race. At halftime, a dodge ball game was played.

While the focus of Tuesday night’s events was on the canned food drive, Vodicka sees an added benefit to the game.

“The nice thing about it is the students get to see you in a different way rather than Vodicka or Widner or anything during the school day,” Vodicka, who played in the game, said. “It’s nice to establish those relationships also outside the building at events like this.”

Ultimately the drive and its associated events are a testament to the school and the tight-knit nature of the Glenbrook South community.

“It is a very tight-knit community,” Widner said. “I couldn’t be happier teaching in this district and so many of my colleagues would say the same thing. It’s a caring district, it’s a caring community and the canned food drive really demonstrates that.”

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